Facilities Center Parking Lot closed to non-essential traffic

February 01, 2011

As part of expansion plans for the new School of Medicine Learning Center, the Facilities Center Parking Lot closed permanently Feb. 1. This move corresponds with the transfer of satellite offices from the Facilities Center on Coal Pile Drive to one location in Duke South.

No vehicles will be able to enter the Facilities Center Parking Lot as of Feb. 1. A fence and guard will be placed at the Facilities Center wall. Excavation for the Learning Center will begin on Feb. 2.

Pedestrians will be able to walk from a temporary walkway – which runs between Duke North and Duke South – and exit out a door on the Duke South concourse. The walkway will then follow a wooden sidewalk to allow access to offices for the Key Shop, Procurement Services, Parking and Transportation, Wireless Service Center and the DukeCard Office until those departments have completed their moves to Duke South Feb. 7.  

Once all tenants have vacated the building, the Facilities Building will be prepped for demolition to begin.

Motorists will continue to have road access to the Searle Center via Coal Pile Drive and traffic on the road to the Duke North loading dock will not be interrupted throughout construction. The upper portion of Coal Pile Drive near the Facilities Building will be closed to all traffic. The parking spaces in front of the building will remain open for limited service and construction traffic and for coal deliveries only.