Traffic advisory: construction materials delivered to West Campus this week

A truck will deliver construction material to a chilled water plant following this route.
November 29, 2010Motorists traveling along Erwin Road  by Duke’s West Campus should allow for extra time to travel this week while construction materials are delivered to the chilled water plant by the Erwin Road and South LaSalle Street  intersections.

At about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, one large truck will deliver an oversized load of trusses to the chilled water plant. A convoy of cars or passenger trucks will escort the large truck carrying the oversized load. All construction-related vehicles will travel at posted speeds on and off campus but are expected to slow traffic as trucks maneuver onto campus.

State Department of Transportation staff will be on hand at the Erwin and LaSalle intersection to direct traffic. After arriving on campus, trucks will leave the chilled water plant site 15 to 20 minutes later, said Lisa Florack, senior project manager for Skanska USA Building, the company moving the materials.

To get to campus, the truck and escorts will travel from NC-147, where they’ll exit onto Fulton Street. The convoy will turn right onto Erwin Road in front of Duke Hospital, where it will travel less than a mile to the Erwin-LaSalle intersection and turn onto campus.