Four additional Zipcars join Duke’s fleet

September 13, 2010As a member of the faculty-in-residence program, Julie Tetel uses Duke buses to travel from Randolph Residence Hall on East Campus to her office in the Allen Building on West Campus. With convenient access to Duke transit options, she gave her car to her eldest son four years ago to provide him with transportation and cut back her carbon footprint.

She almost changed her mind last year – before Zipcar, the 24/7 car-sharing service – came to Duke.

“I was finally thinking of breaking down and buying a car and then the Zipcar program came on campus,” said Tetel, an associate professor of English. “I thought, ‘What on Earth do I need a car for now?’ ”
Beginning this month, Tetel and the Duke community have access to four additional Zipcar vehicles. The cars were recently delivered to Duke, bringing the total number of Zipcars to eight. The fleet now includes three Honda Insight hybrids, two Toyota Prius hybrids, two Honda Civics and a Toyota Matrix.

Cars will be parked at a new location, next to the Bell Tower Trailers on East Campus’ Memorial Drive. This new Zipcar location is in addition to three others:
The cost to rent a Zipcar is $8 per hour or $66 per day. Fuel is included. Cars may be driven up to 180 miles per day, with each additional mile costing 45 cents. There's a one-hour minimum and four day maximum for reservations.

For more information about Zipcar, click here.