New GPS-based tool tracks university buses online

August 09, 2010 By Cara Bonnett

[Updated January 2012: The DuTrack application is no longer in operation. Stay tuned for the launch of a new bus tracking system]

Duke students, faculty and staff can now use a new GPS-based tool to track university buses online.

The DuTrack application – developed by a team of Duke students in collaboration with the Office of Information Technology and Parking and Transportation Services – displays the real-time locations of buses on all campus routes, including the Robertson bus to Chapel Hill. Each bus is equipped with a prepaid Motorola phone that allows tracking on an online map.

The online tool also alerts users to route delays, so riders can plan around unforeseen problems such as accidents or road construction, said Sam Veraldi, director of Parking and Transportation Services. By increasing the convenience for riders, officials hope to encourage people to ride Duke buses more often, Veraldi said.

“We have a commitment in our climate action plan to reduce the amount of single-occupant vehicle traffic on campus,” he said.

The system also generates data that can be analyzed to adjust routes and increase overall efficiency, Veraldi said.

Work is under way to make the system available on mobile devices through the DukeMobile suite of applications.

Track university buses here.