PTS Announces Permit Registration and Renewal Schedule

June 07, 2010

Parking and Transportation Services announces the on-line permit sales schedule for 2010-2011. 

Beginning Date


Ending Date

Thursday, June 17

3L Law Students

Friday, July 15

Thursday, June 17

1L, LLM Law Students

Friday, July 30

Friday, June 18


Friday, July 30

Monday, June 21

Commuter Grad Students

Friday, July 30

Wednesday, June 23

Undergrad Students

Friday, July 30

Thursday, June 24

Fuqua School Students

Friday, July 30

Tuesday, July 6

2L Law Students

Chemistry and Whitford waitlists open for 2L random lottery

Monday, July 19

2L Law Students

2L customers receive lot invitations; on-line permit sales open

On-line Permit Sales End at 5:00 p.m. Friday, July 30

Follow the links for detailed instructions for employees, graduate students, undergraduate and first-year students.