Special Events Parking Request

Provide one form per event. This request must be received at least 10 business days, but no more than six months, prior to the event. Reservation requests for weekday parking on the West Campus Quad should be directed to 919-812-2995.

Your event parking request will be confirmed by phone or email within two business days of submittal. Confirmation will include a cost estimate, parking availability, and equipment/signage information. The average charge per officer hour is $31.00 with a four hour minimum.

Those not representing Duke departments who wish to request services for event parking on campus, or those representing Duke departments who wish to pay via check or procurement card, may print this form and fax or mail to ptsevents@duke.edu.

All fields designated by bold type must be completed prior to submission.

Event Name:

Event Type:

Educational (Seminars, Forums, Speakers, Conferences)
Social (Parties, Concerts, Receptions)
Other (Demonstrations, Special Visitors, Etc.)

Parking Location(s) Desired:
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Student/Dept Organization or Person(s) requesting Service
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Number of Persons Expected at Event (if known):
If this event is a wedding, will the reception be held on campus? Yes No
If yes, what is the campus location for the reception?
Details about special parking needs (ADA accessible, VIP, etc.):
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