Event Parking & Requests

Event Planning

From workshops and conferences to luncheons and retirement parties, Duke’s campus offers plenty of options to cater groups. Spaces at Duke are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For groups of 20 or more people, Duke can help to arrange parking for you and your visitors. With smaller groups, it’s still a good idea to contact our event planning office to check on the availability of parking and other events that day.

In some cases, a member of Duke’s campus safety staff will be needed to assist in parking or managing your event. The average charge per officer is $30 an hour with a three hour minimum. Not all events need an officer, but it is suggested for groups of 20 or more for assistance with parking or attendance.

To book an event, please contact Duke at least two weeks and no more than six months in advance. A $100 charge is required if an event is scheduled three days or less before it occurs.

To request event space, fill out this form and click the submit button. Only one form per event is needed. Reservation requests for weekday parking on the West Campus Quad should be directed to 919-812-2995.

Your event parking request will be confirmed by phone or e-mail within five business days of submittal. Confirmation will include a cost estimate, parking availability and equipment/signage information.

Those not representing Duke departments who wish to request services for event parking on campus, or those representing Duke departments who wish to pay by check or procurement card, may print this form and fax or mail to L. Renee' Adkins.

Persons or departments may complete this form and submit online to:

L. Renee' Adkins
Duke University Parking and Transportation Services
Box 90644
Durham NC 27708
(919) 668-5407 phone
(919) 681-7746 fax