Commuting Options


The Duke Commuter Savings map displays optons for commuting to campus. It also provides detail about how much you spend on gas for particular routes, and the best ways you can save by commuting.

With thousands of visitors, 36,000 employees and nearly 15,000 students, Duke encourages staff, faculty and students who commute to campus to explore alternative transportation options. We offer many ways to save fuel and parking fees while helping Duke contribute to its mission of creating a more sustainable campus. The "Unpark Yourself" program encompasses all of our alternative commuting options -- to stay up-to-date on alternative commuting at Duke, subscribe to the Unpark Yourself mailing list.


As part of Duke's continuing efforts to create a more sustainable campus by reducing traffic, we offer a carpool program with an array of incentives, including free and convenient parking for groups of four or more people. The program is open to all Duke staff, faculty, and students who have a vehicle and live off-campus. Find carpool partners at SharetheRideNC.

City & Regional Transit

Local and regional bus transportation is provided by GoDurham and GoTriangle. For use on these routes, we offer the GoPass to students and eligible staff and faculty. Map your commute at

Bull City Connector

The Bull City Connector is a fare-free, environmentally sensitive bus service that connects downtown Durham with Duke University and Health Ssytem.


If you bike to Duke, read about our bicyling program and register as a bike commuter to receive benefits. Unless you regularly bring a car to campus, you don't need to purchase a parking permit.

Enterprise CarShare

CarShare by Enterprise-Rent-A-Car is a membership-based car-sharing program. CarShare provides you with a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around without your own vehicle -- whether to run errands, travel to meetings or to take a road trip.


We work with GoTriangle to provide a vanpool program to employees. Employees can sign up and designate a driver and riders. GoTriangle vans park free at Duke -- GoTriangle provides the van, pays for gas and insurance, and arranges, oversees, and pays for all maintenance. As a rider, you pay a low monthly fare based on monthly round-trip mileage; if you're the driver, you ride fare-free.


Telecommuting enables you to work at home or another remote location for all or part of your work week. Discuss the possibility of telecommuting with your supervisor; it may be not be appropriate for all employees and jobs.

Motorcycles & Scooters

Motorcycles and scooters (vehicles with engines larger than 50 cubic centimeters, an external shifting device or the capability to exceed 30 miles per hour on a level surface) require a parking permit.


If you live close to where you work or study, you may opt to walk to Duke. Alternatives are available during inclement weather.

Need More Information?

  • For questions, contact our transportation demand management (TDM) staff at (919) 684-3640 or (919) 684-2391.
  • To receive customized information about alternative commuting resources, complete an online request.
  • Stay up-to-date with Duke's alternative transportation programs by subscribing to the Unpark Yourself newsletter.