Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise CarShare is a membership-based car-sharing program on campus for people who are looking for an alternative method of transportation that lowers the cost and reduces the hassles of traditional transportation. It provides Duke students, faculty and staff with a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around - whether to run errands, travel to meetings or to take a road trip.

Enterprise CarShare

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The Enterprise CarShare fleet includes 16 vehicles at locations across Duke, including West, Central and East campuses, as well as the Health System.

The Enterprise CarShare fleet includes 16 vehicles at locations across Duke, including West, Central and East campuses, as well as the Health System. The fleet includes the new Chevrolet Volt, which operates two ways: battery powered and gasoline powered.

The service works like other car-sharing programs: vehicles are reserved online, accessed using a membership card and returned to the same location where the car was picked up. Enterprise CarShare offers the following services:

  • Fuel, maintenance and basic liability coverage included
  • Long reservations (up to seven days)
  • High daily mileage limit (200)
  • $35-$50 overnight rate, depending on vehicle model
  • Local approval for international driver participation

All memberships, reservations and payments are administered and managed by Enterprise CarShare.  Licenses that need to be verified can be brought to (1) an Enterprise CarShare representative at the Bryan Center Plaza or just inside the Bryan Center during a scheduled CarShare event or (2) the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car office at 3143 Hillsborough Road during their operating hours.

Join Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise CarShare rates range from $9 to $11 an hour or $66 to $72 per day, depending on the vehicle. After the first 200 miles, the cost is 45 cents per mile.

For terms and conditions, and to join Enterprise CarShare, visit the Enterprise CarShare website.

Extended Rentals Through Enterprise Rent-A-Car

When Duke students, faculty and staff need an extended rental, they can access a vehicle through Enterprise Rent-A-Car at 3143 Hillsborough Road in Durham. Employees and students 18 years old and up can make a reservation by calling (919) 309-1030. Enterprise will come pick you up on campus. If the car is due to be returned when the branch is closed, the car can be returned to a designated spot on campus for Enterprise Rent-A-Car vehicles.

Questions should be directed to Alison Carpenter, Duke's Transportation Demand Management Program Planner at (919) 684-3640.