Holiday Break Ride Board

Are you looking for a ride home during the upcoming holiday break?  Maybe you plan to drive your own car back to GA, NY, VA or CT but you want some company.  Or, you don’t have a car but flights are expensive and you’d like to catch a ride home with another student.  Wherever your final destination, Duke’s Share the Ride NC platform is the digital ride-matching service you’ve been seeking! 

Find rides with other Duke students or widen your search parameters to join a carpool with students from other area universities.  Here’s how:

1.  Visit the Duke University site at

2.  Use your email address to create a personal profile.

  • Be sure to select “Duke University – Student” in the Employer/College section of your profile

3.  Once you are registered, you will be prompted to set up a trip profile.

  • Enter your origin address and your destination address.  Be sure to also select whether you wish to be a driver or passenger.  If you’re willing to do either, select both.  If you’d like to consider rail or other transit options, too, select the transit icon.
  • Be sure to turn on auto-match notifications so that you will be informed when other students are searching for a similar trip.


4.  After completing your trip profile, click on the “My Dashboard” icon.  Go to “Find My Commute Options” and click “Search.”  In the next screen, be sure to select “One Time Trip” in the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.

  • Double-check the departure date and time to ensure that the information listed is correct.  Note that you will need to create a trip profile for both your departure from home and your return trip to Durham.


  • As a Duke University student, your account will be set up to automatically match with other students in the region including those from NC State University, UNC-Chapel Hill and NC Central University.  If you prefer to only match with other Duke students, from the trip profile you can click on “Trip Visibility” and select “Duke University - Students” instead of “All University / College Students.”


5.  Select the “Carpool Partners” or “Transit Routes” option to display your matches. You can select to “Find Passengers” or “Find Rides” in the Carpool Partners section. If no match is found during your initial search but you’ve selected to receive auto-match notifications, you will receive an email from STRNC each time a new match opportunity arises.

6.  Before sharing a vehicle or meeting your match for the trip, be sure to meet them in a public space where you feel comfortable. A student center, dining hall, book store or coffee shop are perfect locations.

  • Be sure to review cost sharing, pickup/drop-off locations, times/dates, vehicle/insurance, validate driver license and even which radio stations you prefer. All of these details help ensure that you have a safe and successful one-time trip experience through Share the Ride NC.