Carpool FAQ

What if I can’t carpool one day?

Each member of a carpool can download up to 2 daily parking passes per month. Additional daily passes can be purchased for $7 at the Parking and Transportation Office.

What if I have an emergency and need an immediate ride?

Immediately after joining a carpool, employees should register with GoTriangle's Emergency Ride Home program for a ride if an unexpectated emergency occurs.

How many carpool permits will each participating group receive?

Each group will receive one permit for the preferred lot. The permit is transferable among all participants’ vehicles.

Am I guaranteed a place to park?

Yes. Duke will designate parking spaces to accommodate carpool permit holders.

If I join a carpool, can I still keep my individual parking permit?

No. Carpoolers can not have individual permits. If you sign up for a carpool, your former parking permit will be deactivated.

What if a carpool member forgets to give the permit to the next driver, and we arrive without a permit?

The group may visit the Parking and Transportation Office to purchase a daily pass for $7. You may also download and print a free daily parking pass for that day once you get to work, but you won't have gate access until the pass is purchased online.

What if I decide to quit the carpool program?

Duke Parking and Transportation will attempt to assign participants to previous parking locations.

How do I renew my carpool or rideshare?

All carpool or rideshare groups are required to submit a renewal application each year using the carpool/rideshare online application. If nothing in the carpool or rideshare application has changed (no new home addresses, new participants, etc.) then the passes will be mailed to the home address of the carpool or rideshare captain. If a CARPOOL has changed, all participants will be required to pick up the permit together in person at the Parking & Transportation Office as if it were a brand new application.