As part of Duke's continuing efforts to create a more sustainable campus by reducing traffic, Parking and Transportation Services offers a carpool program with an array of incentives. The carpool program is open to all Duke staff, faculty, and students who have a vehicle and live off-campus.

In addition to saving money, cutting emissions and reducing wear on your vehicle, Duke carpoolers receive a permit that allows access to designated spaces in a number of convenient lots.

Carpool Incentives

Staff/Faculty/Graduate & Professional Students: 

  • Four (4) participants get FREE parking in a preferred Duke carpool lot. Each carpool member receives up to 2 daily parking passes per month  for the days he/she needs to drive alone.
  • Three (3) participants pay $6.25 monthly per person (for staff and faculty) or $75 per person per year (graduate and professional students). Each carpool member receives up to 2 daily parking passes per month for the days he/she needs to drive alone.
  • Two (2) participants each pay half of the annual permit price for an eligible lot of choice.  Rideshare commuters park in regular spaces, not in designated carpool spaces. Each member receives up to 2 daily parking passes per month  for the days he/she needs to drive alone.

Undergraduate Commuters: 

  • Four (4) participants get FREE and reserved parking in the first lot on the left as you enter the Blue Zone and receive up to 10 day passes per semester for unreserved spaces in the Blue Zone. 
  • Three (3) participants pay $75 per person per year and receive the same benefits as a 4-person carpool.

Registering Your Carpool

How do I apply for a carpool permit?

1. Find commuters who work near you and have a similar schedule.
2. Select the preferred lot for your carpool space. Rideshare applicants can keep the lot designation for an existing permit OR apply for a rideshare in any lot for which they are eligible (waitlists may apply).
3. Gather information: Duke Unique ID number for each carpool member, license plate number and state, year, make, model and color of all vehicles.
4. Designate one participant (the "carpool captain") to complete the on-line application.
5. We will contact you when your permit has been processed. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO FIVE BUSINESS DAYS FOR APPLICATIONS TO PROCESSED. SAME-DAY/WALK-IN CARPOOL OR RIDESHARE APPLICATIONS CANNOT BE PROCESSED AT THIS TIME. Rideshare permits will be mailed to the captain's home address unless otherwise specified; all members of a 3-4 person carpool must be present to pick up the pass at the Parking Office at 2010 Campus Drive.

For more information, write us at or call (919) 684-PARK (7275).  If you would like to change an existing carpool or rideshare permit, contact the TDM Outreach Coordinator at (919) 684-2391.