Bike Sharing

Duke bike rack locations

You can find bike racks on this map.

You don’t have to bring a bike to Duke to have access to two-wheeled transportation. With multiple bike share operators in Durham, it’s easy to pick up a bike and ride across campus or into the city.

Bike shares operating at Duke are LimeBike and Spin.

Using a Bike Share Bike on Campus

Most people use their preferred bike share app to find the location of the nearest bike.  When you’ve located a bike, unlock it using the app, and begin your ride.

When you end your ride at Duke, make sure the bike is placed at a bike rack.  With nearly 3000 individual bike parking locations across campus, a parking location is always close to your final destination.

Bike Share Parking Guidelines

When not in use, all bikes are required to be placed at a bike rack. When ending your trip, make sure that the bike is at a rack, and that it does not block:

  • Pedestrian pathways
  • Doors or access ramps
  • Fire hydrants
  • Roads or other vehicular access points
  • Monuments and landmarks


  • Park at a bike rack
  • Leave bike in an upright position
  • Be mindful of the impact of your parking location

Do not:

  • Park on sidewalks or block paths
  • Park on the grass, or on the quad
  • Block fire hydrants, access ramps, doorways, or roads
  • Bring a bike inside a building or residence