Van Services Guidelines

Please adhere to the following Duke Van Service guidelines.  Your safety as well as the safety of our Van Service personnel is our first concern. 

  • Duke Vans will not transport passengers to parties, social or retail venues such as bars, restaurants, laundromats, or other commercial destinations.
  • Vans do not duplicate the bus routes while buses are in service. Van service is a supplement to the buses. All customers are required to utilize bus service during its hours of operation.
  • When calling for a pickup, provide the exact pickup and drop-off location, number of passengers, valid phone number and first name.  This information is for identification purposes, as well as to make our service as efficient as possible. If other customers have similar locations and destinations, we may group you with them in the same car in order to save time.
  • All rides are dispatched on a first come first served basis.  We can only accommodate a limited number of passengers per van.
  • The destination that is scheduled during the initial call is where you will be taken.
  • A valid Duke identification card is required for all passengers.  Drivers will conduct checks at pickup.
  • Duke Van Service will only provide rides for individuals that have made a request and passengers accounted for in the passenger count during a request.  We will not pick you up at a pickup point if you have not made a request.
  • Be ready at the pickup location.  Other passengers are waiting so your van cannot wait more than two minutes.  Riders should not request van service unless they are ready to be picked up.
  • We will not provide van service if you don't provide a name and valid phone number during your request or present a valid Duke ID at pickup.