RDU Airport Shuttle Service

Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) operates free shuttle service to and from RDU International Airport for fall break, Thanksgiving, and spring break. For dates and times, see the tables below. For reasons of safety, convenience and courtesy to others, we strongly encourage you to bring only one piece of luggage on the shuttle.

Note: PTS does not offer this shuttle service at the beginning or end of semesters. If you need transportation to RDU for winter break, contact Charlene's Safe Ride to schedule a trip in advance.

If the shuttle you made your reservation for is delayed or you arrive early, you may take another shuttle if space on it is available.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 919-684-2218.

Depart Duke to RDU Airport

Friday, October 7, 2016 

West Bus Stop


East Bus Stop

Arrive RDU

12:00 pm

12:05 pm

12:20 pm

12:45 pm

2:00 pm

2:05 pm

2:20 pm

2:45 pm

4:00 pm

4:05 pm

4:20 pm

4:45 pm

6:00 pm

6:05 pm

6:20 pm

6:45 pm

Depart RDU Airport to Duke

Returning passengers are picked up first at Terminal 1 Pre-Arranged Services (Zone 1 across from baggage claim) and then at Terminal 2 Prearranged Services (Zone 17, outside baggage claim).

Tuesday, October 11, 2016



12:00 pm

Terminal 1, then Terminal 2

1:00 pm

Terminal 1, then Terminal 2

2:00 pm

Terminal 1, then Terminal 2

3:00 pm

Terminal 1, then Terminal 2

4:00 pm

Terminal 1, then Terminal 2

5:00 pm

Terminal 1, then Terminal 2

6:00 pm

Terminal 1, then Terminal 2

7:30 pm

Terminal 1, then Terminal 2

Looking for the Thanksgiving RDU Shuttle schedule?  Click here.