GoPass Program Guidelines

The GoPass program, an effort to alleviate parking demands around the main campus, is initiated and paid for by Duke Parking and Transportation Services.  Duke offices elsewhere in Durham, North Carolina and surrounding areas that are interested in participating with GoDurham and GoTriangle in their own bus program should contact GoTriangle.

   Participant Criteria and Responsibilities

  • All current Duke students (full-time or part-time) are eligible for a GoPass. All Duke employees (full-time or part-time) whose workplace is located on main campus in Durham, NC (Medical, West, Central and East), within a one-half mile radius of this campus or located at the American Tobacco Campus are eligible for a GoPass. See the map in either Duke Parking and Transportation Services office or online at in order to determine if you qualify. 
  • GoPasses are primarily intended to be used during the participant's commute to and from the main campus.  Additionally, GoPasses are provided for residential students for travel off-campus to shopping, dining and entertainment venues. 
  • Participants are issued one GoPass.  Participants are not allowed to give, lend or sell this GoPass to anyone. Bus drivers may ask to see your Duke ID when you swipe your GoPass, so always carry your ID with you. If you cannot produce your ID, the driver may deny use of your GoPass and you will be required to pay for your ride-out-of pocket. Duke Parking and Transportation Services will not reimburse participants or non-participants for out-of-pocket expenses for riding the bus. If you lose your GoPass, please report it lost to the Permit office. You will be eligible to get a replacement, up to two replacements per year (August-July).
  • Effective July 1, 2014, GoPass will be offered to eligible faculty and staff for an annual fee of $25. This charge is not automatic; participating employees must renew and pay $25 to remain with the program and receive a new GoPass for 2014-15. The $25 fee cannot be prorated for those purchasing a GoPass after the annual renewal period. The GoPass remains free for all students.
  • For the days employees need a ride home in an emergency, register for Triangle Transit's Emergency Ride Home program at Read this page for the instructions and requirements.    
  • A $25.00 replacement fee will be assessed for lost or stolen GoPasses. The fee must be paid in cash, credit card, or check prior to receiving a replacement GoPass. 

 Review by Duke Parking & Transportation Services

  • Duke PTS, in conjunction with GoTriangle, will conduct monthly reviews of usage for each GoPass to determine compliance.  Your GoPass will be immediately deactivated if noncompliant use is detected. 
  • If Duke's GoPass policies or responsibilities are violated, the GoPass will be revoked and you will no longer be eligible to receive a GoPass.  Violations include, but are not limited to, lending, giving or selling your GoPass and any other action determined to be fraudulent by a Duke Parking official. Furthermore, participants understand and agree to abide by the policies that apply to their GoPass and the rules that apply to riding the local and regional bus systems.