Duke Buses

Duke Buses

Campus Routes

Campus routes connect residential, academic, and perimeter lots on East, Central, North (Trent), and West campuses. Campus service is in effect during the academic year. Click here for the Duke Transit System Map.

  • C1: East-West provides frequent service between East and West Campus serving all stops along Campus Drive.  C1 is in service on Monday - Wednesday, 7:00am - 2:00am, and on Thursday - Friday, 7:00am - 4:00am.
  • CSW: Smith Warehouse stops at Smith Warehouse every 20 minutes from 7:10am until 6:20pm.
  • C3: East-Science connects East Campus to Science Dr during the Fall and Spring semesters.  The 2015-16 service will be expanded to a continuous route from 7:30am - 4:50pm.
  • C4: Central-West travels between West and Central Campus with 15-minute service from 7:15am - 4:55pm.  This route connects the West Campus Chapel stop with Central Campus stops along Alexander Ave, Anderson St, Flowers Dr, Yearby Ave, and a portion of Campus Dr. The CCX service picks up these stops and extends service to East Campus via Swift Ave on evenings and weekends. 
  • C5: Central-East travels between East and Central Campus with 20-minute service from 6:50am-4:58pm.  The route connects the Gilbert Addoms stop on East Campus with Alexander Ave, Anderson St, Flowers Dr, Yearby Ave, and a portion of Campus Dr.  Please note that the final 4:58pm drop-0ff will be at the East Campus Quad stop, where the CCX service picks up for East-Central-West coverage via Swift Ave on evenings and weekends. 
    • CCX: Central Campus Express operates between West, Central, and East Campus on Monday-Wednesday, 5:00pm-2:11am, and Thursday-Friday, 5:00pm-4:11am.
    • CCX Weekend Service operates on Saturdays 8:30am - 4:11am and Sundays 8:30am- 1:11am. 

To & From Campus Routes

  • LL: LaSalle Loop connects LaSalle Street, Campus Walk Avenue and Morreene Road, with Research Drive, Entry 11 and Circuit Drive.
  • H5: Broad-Erwin connects 705 Broad Street to the Erwin Mill Building, Erwin Square, West Quadrangle, Duke Clinics, Duke Hospital, Hock Plaza, Lenox Baker, Center for Living, and the Dialysis Center.
  • PR1: Bassett-Research operates from the Grounds Lot at Bassett Drive along Science Drive, Circuit Drive, and Research Drive to Entry 11. The route provides year-round service, weekdays only.
  • RSX: Robertson Scholars route, operated by GoDurham, provides service between Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill.

Hospital Routes

Medical Center routes connect surface and garage parking to Duke Medical Pavilion, Duke Hospital, Duke Clinic, and administrative buildings. This service operates year round, weekdays only.

  • H2: Hospital Loop travels between Parking Garage III and remote parking on Hillsborough Rd via Duke Medical Pavilion, Duke Clinic, and Duke Hospital. This route also services the H Lot and other parking areas oriented toward Health System employees.   
  • H5: Broad-Erwin  travels between 705 Broad Street, the Mill Building, Erwin Square, West Quadrangle, Duke Medical Pavilion, Duke Hospital, Hock Plaza, Lenox Baker, Center for Living and Dialysis Center.
  • H6:Remote Lot-Hospital travels between the overflow lot on LaSalle Street, Research Drive, and Duke Hospital.

City & Regional Routes

Use your Duke GoPass on the following municipal and regional bus systems: