C5: Central-East

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C5:Central - East (Weekdays)
Monday - Friday, 6:50am - 4:58pm
Depart Westbound Eastbound Arrive
Gilbert Addoms Alexander at Pace WB Flowers Dr SB Anderson at Lewis Nasher Eastbound Swift at Caswell Gilbert Addoms
12002 12057 12037 12052 12010 12058 12002
6:50am 6:53am 6:55am 6:57am 6:59am 7:01am 7:08am
7:10am 7:13am 7:15am 7:17am 7:19am 7:21am 7:28am
7:30am 7:33am 7:35am 7:37am 7:39am 7:41am 7:48am
7:50am 7:53am 7:55am 7:57am 7:59am 8:01am 8:08am
8:10am 8:13am 8:15am 8:17am 8:19am 8:21am 8:28am
8:30am 8:33am 8:35am 8:37am 8:39am 8:41am 8:48am
9:00am 9:03am 9:05am 9:07am 9:09am 9:11am 9:18am
9:20am 9:23am 9:25am 9:27am 9:29am 9:31am 9:38am
9:40am 9:43am 9:45am 9:47am 9:49am 9:51am 9:58am
10:00am 10:03am 10:05am 10:07am 10:09am 10:11am 10:18am
10:20am 10:23am 10:25am 10:27am 10:29am 10:31am 10:38am
10:40am 10:43am 10:45am 10:47am 10:49am 10:51am 10:58am
11:00am 11:03am 11:05am 11:07am 11:09am 11:11am 11:18am
11:20am 11:23am 11:25am 11:27am 11:29am 11:31am 11:38am
11:40am 11:43am 11:45am 11:47am 11:49am 11:51am 11:58am
12:00pm 12:03pm 12:05pm 12:07pm 12:09pm 12:11pm 12:18pm
12:20pm 12:23pm 12:25pm 12:27pm 12:29pm 12:31pm 12:38pm
12:40pm 12:43pm 12:45pm 12:47pm 12:49pm 12:51pm 12:58pm
1:00pm 1:03pm 1:05pm 1:07pm 1:09pm 1:11pm 1:18pm
1:20pm 1:23pm 1:25pm 1:27pm 1:29pm 1:31pm 1:38pm
1:40pm 1:43pm 1:45pm 1:47pm 1:49pm 1:51pm 1:58pm
2:00pm 2:03pm 2:05pm 2:07pm 2:09pm 2:11pm 2:18pm
2:20pm 2:23pm 2:25pm 2:27pm 2:29pm 2:31pm 2:38pm
2:40pm 2:43pm 2:45pm 2:47pm 2:49pm 2:51pm 2:58pm
3:00pm 3:03pm 3:05pm 3:07pm 3:09pm 3:11pm 3:18pm
3:20pm 3:23pm 3:25pm 3:27pm 3:29pm 3:31pm 3:38pm
3:40pm 3:43pm 3:45pm 3:47pm 3:49pm 3:51pm 3:58pm
4:00pm 4:03pm 4:05pm 4:07pm 4:09pm 4:11pm 4:18pm
4:20pm 4:23pm 4:25pm 4:27pm 4:29pm 4:31pm 4:38pm
4:40pm 4:43pm 4:45pm 4:47pm 4:49pm 4:51pm 4:58pm

C5 service ends at 4:38pm, Mon - Fri, at Gilbert Addoms. CCX service begins at 5:00pm at the East Campus Quad, offering service Mon - Wed, 5pm - 2am, and Thurs-Fri, 5pm - 4am.  Click here to view the CCX schedule.  Please note several times per day there is a C5 driver break, impacting departure times at the Anderson @ Mill Village stop. These times are highlighted in orange in the timetable above.