CSW: Smith Warehouse

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The 2017 Spring Semester schedule begins Jan. 9.


CSW:Smith Warehouse
Monday - Friday, 7:10am - 6:20pm
Times below represent departure times
from major stops along the route
Depart     Arrive
East Campus Statue Smith Warehouse WB West Campus Chapel Smith Warehouse EB East Campus Statue
12130 12071 12018 12077 12130
7:10am 7:13am 7:20am 7:27am 7:30am
7:30am 7:33am 7:40am 7:47am 7:50am
7:50am 7:53am 8:00am 8:07am 8:10am
8:10am 8:13am 8:20am 8:27am 8:30am
8:30am 8:33am 8:40am 8:47am 8:50am
8:50am 8:53am 9:00am 9:07am 9:10am
9:10am 9:13am 9:20am 9:27am 9:30am
9:30am 9:33am 9:40am 9:47am 9:50am
9:50am 9:53am 10:00am 10:07am 10:10am
10:10am 10:13am 10:20am 10:27am 10:30am
10:30am 10:33am 10:40am 10:47am 10:50am
10:50am 10:53am 11:00am 11:07am 11:10am
11:10am 11:13am 11:20am 11:27am 11:30am
11:30am 11:33am 11:40am 11:47am 11:50am
11:50am 11:53am 12:00pm 12:07pm 12:10pm
12:10pm 12:13pm 12:20pm 12:27pm 12:30pm
12:30pm 12:33pm 12:40pm 12:47pm 12:50pm
12:50pm 12:53pm 1:00pm 1:07pm 1:10pm
1:10pm 1:13pm 1:20pm 1:27pm 1:30pm
1:30pm 1:33pm 1:40pm 1:47pm 1:50pm
1:50pm 1:53pm 2:00pm 2:07pm 2:10pm
2:10pm 2:13pm 2:20pm 2:27pm 2:30pm
2:30pm 2:33pm 2:40pm 2:47pm 2:50pm
2:50pm 2:53pm 3:00pm 3:07pm 3:10pm
3:10pm 3:13pm 3:20pm 3:27pm 3:30pm
3:30pm 3:33pm 3:40pm 3:47pm 3:50pm
3:55pm 3:58pm 4:05pm 4:12pm 4:15pm
4:20pm 4:23pm 4:30pm 4:37pm 4:40pm
4:45pm 4:48pm 4:55pm 5:02pm 5:05pm
5:10pm 5:13pm 5:20pm 5:27pm 5:30pm
5:35pm 5:38pm 5:45pm 5:52pm 5:55pm
6:00pm 6:03pm 6:10pm 6:17pm 6:20pm
Out of Service
Note: There will be a 5 minute break at 3:50pm to accommodate a driver shift change.  Afterwards, the CSW schedule will shift slightly to account for traffic in the pm peak commute period.