C4: Central-West

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The 2017 Spring Semester schedule begins Jan. 9.


C4: Central-West Weekdays
Monday - Friday, 9:05am - 12:30pm
Times below represent departure times
from major stops along the route
Depart Westbound Depart Arrive
Oregon St @ Pace WB Flowers Dr Southbound Alexander @ Lewis WB West Campus Chapel Oregon St @ Pace WB
13018 12037 12056 12018 13018
9:05am 9:07am 9:09am 9:15am 9:18am
9:20am 9:22am 9:24am 9:30am 9:33am
9:35am 9:37am 9:39am 9:45am 9:48am
9:50am 9:52am 9:54am 10:00am 10:03am
10:05am 10:07am 10:09am 10:15am 10:18am
10:20am 10:22am 10:24am 10:30am 10:33am
10:35am 10:37am 10:39am 10:45am 10:48am
10:50am 10:52am 10:54am 11:00am 11:03am
11:05am 11:07am 11:09am 11:15am 11:18am
11:20am 11:22am 11:24am 11:30am 11:33am
11:35am 11:37am 11:39am 11:45am 11:48am
11:50am 11:52am 11:54am 12:00pm 12:03pm
12:05pm 12:07pm 12:09pm 12:15pm 12:18pm
12:20pm 12:22pm 12:24pm 12:30pm ---
The C4 provides peak-hour service only.