IS: Innovation Shuttle

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Fall/Spring Schedule

Fall Schedule begins August 29, 2017

Innovation Shuttle
Tuesdays, 2:30pm - 6:30pm
Aug 29 - Dec 12, 2017 (no service on Oct 10)
Arrive Depart Arrive Depart
Science Dr. Circle Science Dr. Circle 215 Morris St 215 Morris St
2:45pm 2:55pm 3:10pm 3:15pm
3:30pm 3:35pm 3:50pm 3:55pm
4:10pm 4:15pm 4:30pm 4:35pm
4:50pm 4:55pm 5:10pm 5:15pm
5:30pm 5:35pm 5:50pm 6:15pm
6:30pm 7:50pm --- ---

---Note:  Cells highlighted in yellow represent a driver break to meet class change