C3: East-Science

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Fall/Spring Schedule

Fall Schedule begins August 28, 2017

During the Fall and Spring semesters, the C3 connects East Campus to Science Drive via Swift Avenue. C3 is not in service in the summer. 

  • C3: East-Science service runs Monday – Friday, 7:30am - 4:50pm to all stops along the route shown below, with limited service from 4:50pm – 6:51pm. After 5:00pm, evening service bypasses Campus Drive and serves Duke University Road and Swift Avenue directly until 7:00pm.
  • C3: Class Change (in blue in the schedule below) offers express service to limited westbound stops before major class periods.
C3: East-Science & C3: Class Change
Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 7:10pm
Times indicate departures
from major stops along the route
Depart Arrive
East Campus Quad 300 Swift Fuqua Northbound Science Dr Circle Chapel Dr @ Duke Univ Rd Swift @ Caswell Eastbound East Campus Quad
7:30am 7:34am 7:43am 7:46am 7:52am 7:56am 8:00am
8:05am 8:09am 8:18am 8:21am 8:27am 8:31am 8:35am
8:05am 8:09am --- 8:19am --- --- 8:29am
8:35am 8:39am --- 8:49am --- --- 8:59am
8:40am 8:44am 8:53am 8:56am 9:02am 9:06am 9:10am
9:00am 9:04am --- 9:14am --- --- 9:24am
9:20am 9:24am 9:33am 9:36am 9:42am 9:46am 9:50am
9:50am 9:54am --- 10:04am --- --- 10:14am
9:55am 9:59am 10:08am 10:11am 10:17am 10:21am 10:25am
10:15am 10:19am --- 10:29am --- --- 10:39am
10:30am 10:34am 10:43am 10:46am 10:52am 10:56am 11:00am
10:40am 10:44am --- 10:54am --- --- 11:04am
11:05am 11:09am 11:18am 11:21am 11:27am 11:31am 11:35am
11:25am 11:29am --- 11:39am --- --- 11:49am
11:40am 11:44am 11:53am 11:56am 12:02pm 12:06pm 12:10pm
12:15pm 12:19pm 12:28pm 12:31pm 12:37pm 12:41pm 12:45pm
12:50pm 12:54pm 1:03pm 1:06pm 1:12pm 1:16pm 1:20pm
1:05pm 1:09pm --- 1:19pm --- --- 1:29pm
1:25pm 1:29pm 1:38pm 1:41pm 1:47pm 1:51pm 1:55pm
1:30pm 1:34pm --- 1:44pm --- --- 1:54pm
1:55pm 1:59pm --- 2:09pm --- --- 2:19pm
2:00pm 2:04pm 2:13pm 2:16pm 2:22pm 2:26pm 2:30pm
2:35pm 2:39pm 2:48pm 2:51pm 2:57pm 3:01pm 3:05pm
2:45pm 2:49pm --- 2:59pm --- --- 3:09pm
3:10pm 3:14pm 3:23pm 3:26pm 3:32pm 3:36pm 3:40pm
3:10pm 3:14pm --- 3:24pm --- --- 3:34pm
3:35pm 3:39pm --- 3:49pm --- --- 3:59pm
3:45pm 3:49pm 3:58pm 4:01pm 4:07pm 4:11pm 4:15pm
4:20pm 4:24pm 4:33pm 4:36pm 4:42pm 4:46pm 4:50pm
4:25pm 4:29pm --- 4:39pm --- --- 4:49pm
4:55pm 4:59pm 5:08pm 5:11pm --- 5:21pm 5:25pm
5:30pm 5:34pm 5:43pm 5:46pm --- 5:56pm 6:00pm
6:05pm 6:09pm 6:18pm 6:21pm --- 6:31pm 6:35pm
6:40pm 6:44pm 6:53pm 6:56pm --- 7:06pm 7:10pm

At 9:20am, there is a five-minute break to accommodate a driver shift change.